Stephen King’s mea culpa

It’s refreshing when big shots take the high road.


The king of the macabre stepped in it this week by sending a terse tweet about the Woody Allen controversy that got misconstrued by his 301,000 followers. Though @StephenKing‘s 140-character missive has vanished like a ghost, nothing goes unseen in the Twitterverse.

His response to writer @marykarrlit, who tweeted an essay on Dylan Farrow’s innocence: “Boy, I’m stumped on that one. I don’t like to think it’s true, and there’s an element of palpable bitchery there, but …”

The b word unleashed a hornet’s nest of angry tweeters saying the Bangor author was siding with Allen. King addressed the issue on

“I managed to put my foot in my mouth and halfway down my throat. A good many people came away from my tweet about the Woody Allen controversy with the idea that I had called Dylan Farrow or Mia Farrow (or both) a bitch.

That wasn’t my intention, but the conclusion on the part of some readers is understandable. I used the wrong word to describe not Ms. Farrow—either Ms. Farrow—but a sad and painful mess. Some people seem to believe that writers never use the wrong word, but any editor can tell you that’s not true.”

He’s got that right.

Since joining Twitter in December King has wasted no time turning out topical tweets. He’s offered advice to Justin Bieber, leveled Chris Christie and complained that he is eating too many waffles. He must be taking cues from Gary Vaynerchuk. Cuz the King is crushin’ it.

Must be hard for a prolific scrivener like King to conform to Twitter’s strictures. As he admits:

 The maximum number of letters in a Tweet is 140. I think the following would fit: I apologize for screwing up.



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