Does your company have a secret?


When the news broke this week that NBC is harboring a secret Starbucks in Sochi, well-caffeinated tongues started wagging. I love this story for its absurd nature and because I feel the pain of the NPR reporter who saw the green and white mermaid at the Olympics and was locked out.

Seems the official Golden Arches McCafes that populate the Olympic grounds weren’t even worthy of the bronze for the media giant. The network ferried in baristas from 350 miles away. That’s latte love. Why are there no Starbucks in Russia when coffee and vodka go hand in hand?

This got me wondering how many companies have secret stashes behind their austere HQs. I know that ESPN has a Starbucks for employees and visiting sport execs in Bristol, but do any Maine companies offer such perks?

Walking by The VIA Agency in Portland, you just know there is a secret Hunt and Alpine Club tucked in a gothic nook in the former Portland library. Creative types are probably knocking down hand-crafted shots served by a resident mixologist right now paired with Miyake dumplings.

Does Pierce Atwood have a Speckled Ax pour-over bar that serves slow coffee to employees who know the right handshake?

What about L.L. Bean in Freeport? I bet a secret Linda Bean lobster roll truck and Coffee By Design mini Modbar are on hand for hardworking employees.

At the Think Tank where I toil, we are lucky if someone decides to brew a pot in the creaky Mr. Coffee. By the time I show up, it’s days old. No secret, it’s subpar.

Does your company have a clandestine beverage bar or trolley cart that gets rolled out Mad Men-style when your team takes the gold?

Come on people spill the beans.





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