Message in a bottle: Maine milk washes up in Scotland

A bottle of Kate’s Real Butter Milk, handcrafted in small batches in Old Orchard Beach, washed up in the Outer Hebrides last week. A UK couple found the bottle with the stamp “Farm Fresh From Maine” as they walked a far-flung beach off Scotland’s Northwest coast.


The bottle that got away

Kate’s Homemade Butter is distributed only in New England, so the company was baffled by the milk’s TransAtlantic journey.

“We don’t have the slightest idea how it got there,” said Rod Williams, a marketer for the family run business. Williams, who also designs labels, said the red writing had been washed away leaving him to suspect the bottle had been bobbing in the water for six months to a year.

The family, plucky enough to test their find, confirmed the milk held up brilliantly past its expiration date and uploaded the photo to Facebook, introducing the product to a new audience. Hmmm this spanks of stealth marketing.

Can we expect to see bottles of Sebago wash ashore in Singapore? Or Gritty’s making a Liverpool appearance by chance?

The message in this bottle? Maine-made quality and sustainability are undaunted by distance.




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