Monthly Archives: February 2014

Stephen King’s mea culpa

It’s refreshing when big shots take the high road. The king of the macabre stepped in it this week by sending a terse tweet about the Woody Allen controversy that got misconstrued by his 301,000 followers. Though @StephenKing‘s 140-character missive has vanished like a ghost, nothing goes unseen in the Twitterverse. His response to writer @marykarrlit, who tweeted […]

Life imitates art, alas

“Don’t do drugs,” Frances McDormand shouted to her young son countless times in the rock epic, “Almost Famous.” That line came to mind this morning after digesting the news that Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in New York with a heroin needle in his arm. The actor was 46. Hoffman had only a bit […]