When it snows they pour: specials on tap

bourbon This (add expletive) winter has not been kind to the age-old practice of meeting for a drink. But when it snows, bars still pour.

To lure Portlanders out of their urban cabins, spots like The Salt Exchange get crafty. This winter the Commercial Street resto offers half off beer and bourbon when the snow falls. Look outside, that’s now and most likely later.

That means beers like Baxter Amber Road and Coal Porter from Atlantic Brewing Company are not $5 or a $7 a pint, but $2.50 to $3.50. Do the math. We call that a bargain.

If there’s a parking ban in Portland don’t get pouty. Point your skis to The Little Tap House for a Plow Wow Party. Think popup for the brave, wool-hatted and thirsty.

Repairing to this gastropub for specials like house-made cider with honey bourbon or a peppermint hot chocolate for $5 beats fighting the mad rush out of town.

The impromptu event is pressed into action the moment the city declares an auto emergency. Out comes the BBQ chicken sliders, mini cheese plates and bruschetta. And if you have one too many, you’re walking anyway, just strap on the snowshoes and hope for the best.

Local 188 sometimes gets into the act. Earlier this winter bartenders made a Park Ban 5000¬†Cocktail of dark rum, cinnamon and hazelnut for $5. We’d like to see more snow deals to get through these never-ending boreal blasts. Any other winter white sales?

Kathleen Pierce

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