Farm to bar? Portland’s new liquid lunch

liquid M2Farm to table has become farm to tired. Thankfully the term de decade has jumped from the table to the bar at Liquid M2.

Opening three days ago on the emerging end of Fore Street, this heath-bar-meets-hip-lounge is the newest refueling station by Jacqueline Bradley.

Farm to bar means fruit and vegetables are added to smoothies and spirits for cocktails with a wholesome edge. Beet-infused vodka gives the ruby martini its hue. Not purple food coloring no. 2.

“We are using fresh fruits as our primary source to make drink mixes rather than gallons of sugary juices,” said Bradley, who expects to shift to local produce this summer.

Her former juice bars Mojo in SoPo and Cape Elizabeth have grown into one sophisticated emporium of cool. This is a smoothie bar for adults. No bubble tea-slurping teens here.

The refreshing on-trend menu of banh mi sandwiches ($6.95), grilled, marinated portobello cap burgers ($7.95) and crispy baked tofu wrap ($7.95) should appeal to the throngs of hungry tourists hitting the streets this summer.

Liquid me

And the target market (women in their 30s and 40s) popped in like crocuses to check it out.

“Everything on the menu looks fantastic. I can’t wait to eat here,” said Lisa Lamarche, a downtown worker perusing the hot tangerine space Monday.

Smoothies actually taste like they sound at Liquid M2. Take the greenie for example (I did). A 20-ounce refresher of kale, spinach, pineapple, carrot and coconut milk went down like a tropical vacation.

No big sugar high or crash a la Odwalla. The tall drink priced at a cool $5.95 is easy to swallow for a liquid lunch.

Pair it with avocado toast (West Coast trend alert) for a spa meal on wheels.

Though the Old Port is still smarting from the recent loss of Roost House of Juice, Liquid M2 with later hours and a more expansive menu on a busier street, (the soon-to-open Hyatt Place is one block away), has signs of staying power.

Liquid M2, 465 Fore St., Portland. 


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