Metal man tweets from Old Port

This summer, we’ll see many photos like this in our social media streams.


But they will likely be of kids with drippy ice cream cones, not metal gods like Sebastian Bach.

Before the former Skid Row singer took the stage at the Asylum in Portland Sunday night, he tweeted “Bach In Portland Maine! Tonight! The Asylum! Where I belong! .” And this tough guy image on the wharf.

On Facbook he wrote: “I am lucky to be alive. I am lucky to be able to travel to such cool places and meet so many cool people. I am lucky to be able to sing music for people and see that it makes them happy. Portland Maine, what a beautiful place. Rock N’ Roll. What a beautiful life.”

Portland, Maine. Yes. Hair bands are good here.

He still has gorgeous locks and that devil may care stare. Nice duds too. Did he swing by Portland Trading Co. before the show? Any one catch Bach eating a lobster roll or sucking down bivalves at J’s Oysters?

His FB post generated 13,550 likes and 635 shares. Not bad for an aging rocker from Canada. How was the show Bachheads?


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