Portland versus Portland smackdown


Maine vs. Oregon, who owns the capital of cool?

Yahoo dispatched a writer from Seattle to find out. This week’s city on city smackdown from the travel portal pits the two Portlands. I’ve often wondered which would out hip the other.

The findings — Stephen King as Portland’s most famous face against PDXer Tonya Harding — are vaguely intriguing, if misleading. I’ve never seen Bangor’s baddest kicking up the cobblestones.

The best bar in Portlandia is Clyde Common. Best watering hole in Port City is The Hunt and Alpine Club. What do they have in common? Andrew Volk. Ummmmmm


PDXers in paradise

In a sleeper move, our signature dish according to Yahoo, is a lobster roll from Bite Into Maine. Delicious indeed, but where’s the creativity?

I could go on, and will.

Fore Street is the best resto says Yahoo. Are we resting on our laurels here? What about the 70,000 restaurants to open in the two decades since Sam Hayward hung his shingle?

Let’s shake up the smack down. Are these places good because they are always mentioned? Or are they always mentioned because they are good?

Do you agree with this smackdown? Or are Bean boots versus Pendletons low hanging metaphors?

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