Speckled Ax bash, a coffee congress

the axe

You say it’s our birthday? It’s my birthday too, yah!

Discount, top-shelf coffee on Congress Street means a busman’s holiday for bean lovers in Portland today. The most respected joe house in town (we love you Tandem too) celebrates its second birthday by offering $2 drinks.

Now here’s a celebration we can all get behind, (except for you tea drinkers. So bag this). Owner/roastar Matt Bolinder goes all out with a customer appreciation day and touts his hard-working latte slingers with a touching Facebook post.

“Two years ago today we opened our door for the first time. Hard to believe. The hours have often been long (cue violin), and I’ve made more than my share of gaffes, learning on the fly how to make a business like this work, but I’ve been very fortunate to have had lots of good people help me in lots of ways.”

He goes on to give a shout out to Bethany, Jamie, Dan, Charles and Megan! Please tip these baristars today.

And my favorite part:  “There is no better feeling than to walk into the shop after an early morning of roasting and see tables filled with people clutching mugs of coffee, chatting or reading or laughing–not because it means there’s more cash in the drawer (though that certainly doesn’t hurt), but because the place just feels really warm and nice. Thank you very much for making it so.”

Not only is the coffee lovingly sourced, nuanced and extracted, Wilco always seems to be cooing through the urban cabin when I grab a slow one.

As always, respect the Ax.

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