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In these digitimes, it’s refreshing when a tactile, printed, tangible item arrives by mail. You know, a book. This week two popular Maine food bloggers, have released tasty tomes.

“Eating in Maine” from Malcolm and Jillian Bedell (From Away), is a guide to the state’s best clam shacks, sub shops and white-clothed restos. The midcoast writers, recipe developers and food competitors have a spirited, fun, bloggy tone that moves this cookbook/travelogue along nicely.

Portland scribe Kate Mcarty of The Blueberry Files‘ goes deep on “Portland Food, the Culinary Capital of Maine.” The book, which she also photographed, promises to tell you everything you thought you knew about the food-centric city.

Leafing through the Bedell’s bible I can’t take my eyes off The Slipaway’s mouth-watering fried clams served in a drop-dead location on the St. George River. Thomaston or bust!

Broken into reviews of places like J’s Oyster, recipes for Malcolm’s award-winning apricot shellacked ghost chile wings, to a humorous Dear John letter to Amato’s meatball parmigiana sandwich (“You only contain two meatballs. Did you think that if you had them cut in half I wouldn’t notice?”), makes this 287-pager a fast and refreshing read.

Their witty Maine adventure from Port Clyde to Portland is peppered with recipes for Coffee Alexander Belle orange cocktails to rosemary, olive oil cake with chocolate ganache.

This almost makes me forgive them for packing up their UHaul and landing in La, La, Land. Whatever. This is a great book!


McCarty’s is more detailed, providing history of sustainable seafood, where to source the best lobster and stories about oyster farmers. There are chapters on thirdwave coffee houses (a must read), the alchemy of cheese making and Portland popups.

She gives a reading in Portland on May 31 at Sherman’s Books from 1 to 3p.m.

I’m still waiting for the spring release of Cafe Miranda’s chef Kerry Altiero’s “Adventures in Comfort Food.” Can’t wait to read his tales from his Rockland “diner on acid.” Yes he said that.

File under kitch lit.









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