Food trucks rev up


I just returned from “The Other Portland” where food trucks congregate en masse. From Thai, to smoothies to burgers, you-crave it they filet it on four wheels out west.

It’s terrific to return to “The Original Portland” to find so many mobile diners firing on all cylinders this season. Must be summer because we’ve got diesel with our donuts!

From fresh fish to meatballs to all things Mexican, a trio of new food trucks take to the streets of Greater Portland this month.

On Wednesday, Fishn’ Ships makes its maiden voyage. Parked in front of the Gulf of Maine Research Institute on Commercial Street, a pair of Emerson College grads will be frying sustainable seafood in zesty beer batter. A match made in Maine heaven.

The 20-something entrepreneurs are using local brews as batter. Genius!

Think locally caught haddock fried in an Allagash White with chipotle peppers and lime. Or Banded Horn’s Pepperell pilsner coaxing out the flavors of pollack and served curry style. Sweet potato fries with avocado mousse are a few of the mod chips served fish side. Look for the truck at brewery tasting rooms this summer.

“We can’t sell beer, and they can’t sell food,” said co-founder Arvid Brown. “It’s the perfect pairing.” No truer words were spoken.


Because “life is too short not to have a ball,” Maine-ly Meatballs rolls through Westbrook this summer. Stationed at Riverbank Park and Portland’s Spring Street, these veggie, turkey, beef and lobster balls promise protein a go-go. Three gourmet meat and meatless wonders for $9 should get you back in the game.

Not to be missed is South Portland’s popular burrito joint Taco Trio on wheels. The traveling cantina launches at this weekend’s Old Port Festival. If you’ve ever ducked into the Ocean Street hideout for a mid-day fish taco (or three), you know this trio is a force to be reckoned with. Let’s roll!

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