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As sure as beach buggies, jeeps and convertible minis are cruisin’ up and down Route One and scores of families, teens and tourists jam the ice cream stands, another summer ritual has begun in Southern Maine — iced coffee season!

Because (thank God) we don’t have to rely on Dunkin’ Donut’s drive-thrus for our chilled drug of choice, it’s time to get out and try a local sip.

What do our barist-stars have in store for us this season?

Iced Americano at Cafe Couture is a good start and finish to the search for the perfect pick-me-up. This little cafe on Spring Street in Kennebunkport is a welcome break from the bustle of Dock Square. The experienced owner knows what you need better than you. Trust her.

Coming in Saturday morning after my first night of the Kennebunkport Fest followed by an after-after party at happening hideout Old Vines Wine Bar, coffee, caffeine, ice, repeat was my mantra.

All I had to say was “Do you have iced coffee?” and she fixed me an iced Americano to live for.


It was just as an iced coffee should be — flavorful, rich, robust, cold. Not coffee flavored water for two bucks and change. The dash of cream, added without my consent, was genius.

It’s hard to give up control in these customized times. But I let the Couture godess doctor my drink and I can’t see going back to my old ways.

She had me at “is this the right color,” holding up my copper, not beige, drink. Just right!

Their coffee hails from Rock City in Rockland, but look for a switch to uber local Coffee Roasters of the Kennebunks soon.

Though this spot stole my heart, I will return to Tandem Coffee Roasters for the ultimate, award-winning (is their an award for iced coffee?) malted iced coffee! Converts you know the love of which I speak.

They should be serving this epic elixir with pie when their bakery opens this summer on Congress Street. See you at the bar!

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