Lobster on a roll, vies for national food title


Philly cheese steaks have their place, and it’s hard to resist a Maryland crab cake, but for sheer succulence and star appeal, the Maine lobster roll cannot be outshined.

This celebrity sandwich is not only killing it on menus this season, the roll is quashing other state’s edible claims and taking names. Maine’s royal roll made the final round of Congressional Quarterly Roll Call’s Taste of America contest this week and (watch your back cherry cobbler of Utah) has the most votes right now.

Congresswoman Chellie Pingree is pumped over this news. “The lobster roll has had an incredible run this year, thanks to the votes of thousands of Mainers, soundly defeating three other states to get the finals,” she said in a canned release.

Maine beat Delaware in the semifinal round with almost 7,000 votes to just over 2,000. Take that Boardwalk fries!

Now Maine, Maryland, Utah, North Carolina, Kentucky, Iowa, Illinois and Oregon slug it out for the next week. Polls are open until June 20th. For you data fans, Maine has almost 7,000 votes, UT 4,595, IA 3,115, KY 3,527 and so on.

“It would be especially sweet to take the title just as prime lobster roll season gets off to a start here at home,” said Pingree.

Relax Chellie, we’ve got this.

Deep dish pizza from Chicago is so 1985. Sure fried chicken from Louisville hits the spot from time to time, but it’s a heart-stopper. Plus the association with Colonel Sanders kills the cachet.

The Maine lobster roll has it all. It says summer, the coast and decadence all in one sweet, creamy, briny, buttery bite. I want one now!

The winner will be announced June 25th at a congressional baseball game in D.C. Polls are still open. So vote for the title of best food in the nation. Go Maine lobby!

Kathleen Pierce

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