Coffee for less than a buck


Ahhh 1994. Grunge was still alive, country was not yet mainstream and you could score a cup of joe for a mere 95 cents. On Tuesday coffee lovers can time travel with glee at Coffee By Design.

The Portland roaster celebrates its 20th anniversary by rolling back prices to the early days. That means a 12-ounce cup of love is .95 and a 2-pound bag of CBD’s Birthday Blend will set you back $19.94. (less than 10 smacks a pound). Iced coffee will also be sold for 1994 prices. Hurray!

Forget Restaurant Week, for those of us running on Rebel Blend this prix fixe fix comes right on time.

Coffee prices are rising with the temps this summer. Starbucks is the latest retailer to announce an increase this month, making it hard out here for a caffeine fiend. Even CBD is tacking on an extra 15 cents to our daily brew to deal with uncertainty in coffee growing regions and inflation on transportation costs. Tuesday is a gift.

Visit CBD’s five coffee houses (Diamond Street is simply smashing) for birthday cake too.

In other CBD news, reports of a Hallowell cafe, going around Twitter last week, are false. Freeport is the most Northern cafe for this roaster for now. There is a new cafe (Juice?) that will serve Coffee By Design in Hallowell, but not a flagship coffeehouse. Tough luck Augusta burbs.



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