Further evidence that Portland is Beer City USA


Craft Beer Cellar of Massachusetts is rapidly expanding across New England and adds Portland to its ranks next month.

The museum of beers, which started in Belmont, Mass., announced it will open on 111 Commercial St., formerly the Port Bean Cafe, and sell hundreds, if not thousands, of craft brews from Maine, Milwaukee, Germany and monks from hither and yon. You know, the good stuff.

“We are looking to come into a community that’s already established and provide another vehicle to showcase local brewers first,” said Lee Movic, the company’s brand badassador (try saying that fast after a few).

This retail shop, which sells over 1,000 single bottles from 361 breweries, from the obscure to the arty to the obvious, holds regular tastings and will be ground zero for beer tourists.

Their slogan is “no crap beer” and they wear the term Beer Geek with pride.

Owners of the Maine franchise, Jorgen Persson and Pietro Di Luzio, are Boston residents by way of Europe. Portland’s Craft Beer Cellar joins 10 outposts in New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Florida and Missouri, but won’t be cookie cutter, says Movic.

With Old Port Spirits and Cigars launching a similar concept at 222 Commercial Street this summer (promising 600 craft beers), how much artisan brew can one city take?
“There is a growing need for good beer. Portland is an amazing beer town, it’s the place where Allagash started,” said Movic, waxing poetic.
We can all raise a glass to that! Mid-August opening.
Kathleen Pierce

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