What to expect at the Maine Yoga Fest this weekend

om Can 500 sweaty and limber people be wrong?

This Saturday and Sunday Maine YogaFest transforms the East End Community School in Portland into an exhale emporium. Flexible folks from hither and yon will cop their best downward dogs and try the latest trends in this ancient form of wellness.

What is new on the yoga mat this year?

Spin yoga fusion, meditative yin yoga, spa yoga and black light yoga class — let the yoga #selfie onslaught begin.

Saturday night instead of sipping margaritas in a seaside bar, join 150 yogis (including me) in a sweat and surrender throw down lead by NYC instructor Halle Becker. Becker calls herself a spiritual gangster and while that doesn’t sound very Zen, this could be the class of a lifetime.

On her site Homegirl Yoga she tells participants to be set “to fly and laugh, to go inward and sing the body electric;” channeling Brooklyn-born Walt Whitman, who may have lauded all these writhing limbs.

Though I’m no practiced yogini (is any journo?) there are times when I believe I can fly, but that’s usually after my fifth cup of dark roast.

Participants are asked to dress in bright colors. Think studio 54 sans hallucinogenics. DJ Revolve from HOT 104.7 will spin tunes as our gangsta guides us through a steamy sequence of yoga poses illuminated by neon maneuvers in the dark. Glow-in-the-dark cosmetics and body art is for sale before class to make this more trippy.

Can’t picture it? Return to Bangordailynews.com next Tuesday for a story plus vid. Namaste!

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