Kennebunkport ice creamery is America’s best

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Photo by Troy Bennett

We already told you that Rococo Artisan has the funkiest ice cream in Maine. Now the word is out that this Argentinean-style, gelato-like dessert is one of 10 top licks in the country. TripAdvisor ranked the best ice cream parlors in the U.S. and Rococo, run by 30-year-old Berwick native Lauren Guptill, made the cut.

I sat down with the ice goddess recently and her enthusiasm for creative flavors was infectious. “A lot of these are inspired by travel, things unique to Maine,” she said, offering me a sample of her strawberry habanero, which a customer rightly dubbed “a slow burn.”

TripAdvisor called out Rococo’s chai cardamom, sweet avocado cayenne, and Nutella cranberry. Said one reviewer, “We loved every flavor we tried (the ingredients are exotic, but somehow they all conspire towards deliciousness) and the quaint setting was perfect for an evening stroll.”

Quaint fits the Bunks to a T, but we like Rococo because it could be in Cambridge. It’s small, inviting, pink and has indie-cred.

They share the Top 10 with places like Dietsch Brothers, Inc., in Findlay, Ohio and Island Creamery on Chincoteague Island, Virginia. I’ll give this reviewer-generated algorithm props for picking spots in not-your-average destinations.

How did the BDN fine tune its data for our story and beat TripAdvisor to the punch? The old fashioned way, word of mouth with a hit of shoe leather.



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