For Maine Millennials, coffee is drink of choice

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Forget Allen’s brandy and your neighbor’s bathtub IPA, Maine 20-somethings like coffee more. How much? According to a new survey by LevelMoney, Mainers coming of age in 2000 down more joe than their counterparts in any other state. More than Washington? More than Oregon? More than the mighty Empire State?

Yes, yes and oh yes. Millennials, born circa 1980 to 2000, are drinking mud like mad and plunking down $307 a year here to keep their edge.

Is it the merciless winters? The polar vortex? Cant be. See rain in Seattle.

The level of coffee has improved in the state this year alone. Small roasters from Maine Coast Roast in Biddeford, to Coffee on the Porch in Camden are browning beans at home and flourishing.

And cafes, much to my non-Millennial delight, are proliferating. In Portland there is no shortage of places to cop a cup, and more on the way. Tandem Coffee Roasters, which caters to millennials with their advanced espresso bar, open roastery and turntable tunes in East Bayside opens a second cafe on more visible Congress Street August 20th.

Not to be out percolated, Starbucks renovated their flagship cafe in the Hay Building, opened a swank cafe with drive-thru in Scarborough and a new one in the Maine Mall all within the last few months. Coffee by Design keeps its designs on caffeinating theĀ Millennial masses with its sleek new Diamond Street HQ. We applaud this survey.

Coffee is better than another cup of Klonopin and a double mac and cheese. Latte lovers of Gen Me keep on slugging.


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