Travel and Leisure picks Maine’s top lobster shacks


It’s fun to poke fun at listicles. Especially when they are so off the mark you know the “author” conducted their “research” from a wifi cafe in Austin. So we have to hand it to for getting it right with its 10 best lobster shacks in Maine web spread this week.

Their first pick, Five Islands Lobster Co. in Georgetown is above reproach. In fact you don’t have to hit every stand in every tucked-away cove to know this is the definitive Maine signature roll.

I visited this charming shack on a whisked-away wharf on Sheepscot Bay earlier this month. On day three of a friend’s destination wedding, we were ready to pack it in. After fighting and balking our way through the Sunday afternoon crowds rife with fellow Americans in various shapes, sizes and states of Vacationland meltdown, the reward was simple — sweet, fresh lobster nestled on a bed of crisp lettuce tucked into a soft bun.

No mayo, no spices, no excess butter — little fuss, zero muss. Nothing between you and Maine’s just-caught and steamed crustacean. It’s the kind of meal that makes your day no matter how many people elbow you in the ribs as they reach for tartar sauce.

Who else made the list that deserve the ink? Harraseeket Lunch and Lobster where Mario Batali tweeted from last summer is a South Freeport must; the de rigueur Red’s Eats in Wiscasset has to be on every lobster shack list or else the prettiest village in Maine gets ugly.

Did your favorite bib joint make the list? Who was robbed? Who netted a win?

Tour the slideshow here to see how the shacks stack up.



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