Another Portland juice bar closes. Why the squeeze?

Liquid me

If “open a juice bar in Portland” is on your to-do list this fall, scratch it off with permanent ink.

It seems Liquid M2 on Fore Street is the latest casualty in the green drink economy to go belly up this year. This “farm to bar” lounge has been locked for weeks, their telephone number is disconnected and the owner is MIA. Who would take a vacation in Vacationland during prime time? They have not sent out a social media signal since August 9th.

When Urban Eye reported their opening in mid-April, the concept rang a bell. Though the decor was more “girls night out in L.A.” the focus didn’t appear too removed from Roost House of Juice — the homey raw/organic cafe that shuttered a mere two weeks earlier a few streets away.

Liquid M2 offered tasty takes on the smoothie craze and superfood entrees with a modern twist. But was it too much of a “me too?”

liquid M2

Liquid M2 owner Jacqueline Bradley in April

When I grabbed lunch here in early August, a staffer indicated business was slow. Though located across from Miyake, it’s just off the well-beaten path and seems hidden in plain sight. Despite morphing into an alternative entertainment spot with live music by night, their efforts didn’t seem to translate into foot traffic.

They stayed opened later than Roost and served spiked smoothies like mango martinis and mojitos with Maine blueberry juice and muddled mint.  No shots of tequila or White Snake blaring here. Which makes one wonder if night-lifers with a soft spot for kale want health when the sun goes down?

Does knocking back papaya puree with Lululemon-clad hipsters fresh from power yoga constitute a night on the town?

Anyone know where Liquid M2 went wrong? Judging by the Maine Squeeze drinks every other Portlander is clutching these days, smoothies are still en vogue.

The counter at Maine Squeeze’s Public Market House and shop in the Old Port are three deep with tourists downing wheat grass shots and kelp drinks beside dewy-eyed college students. Someone found the secret formula.


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