Breakfast in Portland will never be the same


The English have the plowman’s lunch. A meat, cheese, bread and pickle spread served at a pub with a pint. It’s a hardy meal designed to power farmhands through an afternoon toiling in the fields.

In Portland, we now have the birdhouse breakfast — a savory corn muffin studded with sausage and miraculously possessing a hard-boiled egg center.

The weeks-old Tandem Coffee and Bakery offers this mod update on the perfect all-in-one meal. Best paired with the drip coffee of the day, the birdhouse is not for the marginally hungry.

Put this birdhouse in your soul and it will power you through your own version of fieldwork, be it cyberspace, cubical land or pounding the pavement.

How many calories in this morning miracle? That is not the question.

How does she do it? Yes, that’s what we all want to know.


Briana Holt, the brains behind the birdhouse

Briana Holt, Tandem’s in-house baking sprite, dreamed up this sublime concoction (and all other beauties on the bakery slab) and it warrants its own category. Because really, “muffin” is too pedestrian for the badass birdhouse.

A former editor of mine used to call muffins “lard balls.” Pheesha! I wish he could try this perfect, greaseless, protein-packed portable breakfast sans the sugar rush.

Delivering on the plowman’s promise, the birdhouse, which I consumed at 9:45 a.m. EST, has kept hunger pains at bay all day. Sorry handpies, you are soooo last fall.

Breakfast will never be the same on Congress Street now that the birdhouse has landed. Egg and cheese sandwiches have their place, but for $3.75, this is the ultimate morning nosh. If you can find a better breakfast in the city let me know.

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