Kennebunk chef competes on Food Network


For years Shanna O’Hea has lured diners to The Kennebunk Inn with lobster pot pies, lobster lo’Maine, lobster truffle pizza and umpteen other riffs on Maine’s killer crustacean at her Main Street brasserie Academe.

Next Monday Oct. 6th, we will find out what O’Hea can do with a can of Chef Boyardee, when she competes on the Food Network’s competitive snacking show Rewrapped.

O’Hea, last year’s Maine Lobster Chef of the Year runner-up, competes against chefs Philip Meoli and James Larounis to recreate the pasta classic in ways most home chefs would be surprised to think possible. Ravioli dessert anyone?


O’Hea’s Lobster Lo’ Maine

There is no telling if a Rewrapped rendition will make its way onto her menu in the classic New England inn she runs with her husband Brian, but here’s hoping.

Good luck chef Shanna! The episode airs next Monday at 8 p.m.



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