David Levi of Portland’s Vinland heads to James Beard House

vinland dish

Typical Vinland fare: beef knuckle steak with fried milk skin, parsnips, broth-poached onions and blueberry vinegar reduction. Photo by Troy R. Bennett

Another Portland chef has been invited to the culinary castle in New York City. This time hyper-local chef David Levi of 11-month-old Vinland will prepare a dinner January 13 at the legendary James Beard House. Tickets are not on sale yet, but Levi made the announcement Thursday.

The Portland newcomer joins the ranks of vet chef David Turin, who made a multi-course meal at the foundation’s swank Greenwich Village HQ in October and Shannon Bard who did the honors in January. Both chefs chalked the experience up to a career highlight. Levi, who has been scrutinized for his rigid use of local ingredients, to the extent of eschewing olive oil and black pepper, may finally be embraced by critics who misread his creativity as arrogance. This guy is a poet people. Now his iambic pentameter will be served up to discerning palates (food editors and tastemakers) in the Big City. Congrats!

Here’s a peek at Levi’s working Beard menu.

Beet chip with herbed chevre and black radish

Fermented Oat Flatbread with Strained Yogurt and Garlic

Hardfiskur with Raw Butter and Wakame

Burdock Root with Carrot and Ginger

Raw Beef with Cranberry, Horseradish, Pickled Onion, and Arugula

Turnip Soup with Carrot, Beet Powder, and Herbs

Charred Beet with Black Walnut Smoked Ricotta

Lobster with Fried Nori and Black Trumpet Emulsion

Monkfish Cheek with Dulse and Shiitake Emulsion, Seared Shiitake, Spinach, and Sunchoke

Pork Capocollo with Sauerkraut and Kohlrabi

Parsnip Custard with Maple Brulee

Lakin’s Gorges Cheese





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