Two Fat Cats Bakery buys Maine Pie Line


Bye Bye Miss American Pie. Maine Pie Line owner Briana Warner sold her biz.

Fear not pie lovers, those savory hand pies you devoured from Kennebunkport to Castine are coming back.

On Tuesday the owner of Portland’s Two Fat Cats Bakery, Stacy Begin purchased Maine Pie Line from Briana Warner. The successful East Bayside pie company that closed last month after a brilliant year-long run went out on a high note. But Warner’s 83 recipes, from salted chocolate decadence to Portabello and goat cheese savories, were too good to vanish from the scene.

“We were really surprised when we heard that Maine Pie Line was closing,” said Begin. “She had such great word of mouth and built a great business. I was shocked really.”


No slouch in the crust department, Begin consulted a business pro and decided to buy Maine Pie Line. “We do pies, we know what we are doing in that area. This is a way to keep her technique alive that would benefit both of us,” said Begin, who would not disclose the purchase price.

That means savory hand pies like spinach, feta and artichoke and southwest veggie will be back in Maine cafes, such as Coffee By Design, and a fresh line of gourmet, locally sourced pies will soon fill the cases at the nine-year-old India Street bakery.

Begin expects to see her retail business grow by 15 percent and double wholesale orders with the acquisition.

“This is not part of any business plan, it just seemed to fit so we went for it,” said Begin, who will slowly start to add Warner’s creative pies to her offerings. She expects to have at least one available for Christmas orders.

Warner, who has taken a job at the Island Institute, could not be more pleased that her pies are in the right hands. “We have aligning philosophies. It’s nice as a business owner to hand it over to someone who can make it even better in the future,” she said.

Her advice for would-be food entrepreneurs?

“Everyone needs to find a niche when they start something new. The more inventive and bold you can be, the more successful you will be.”

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