Timberrr! The lumbersexual lands in Maine

The metrosexual has been kicked to the curb by hairy men in plaid with axes. Goodbye smooth urbanite; hello rough and woodsy lumbersexual.

You know you are dating a lumbersexual, says Cosmo Magazine because “his beard looks long, bushy, and unkempt because he hasn’t looked in a mirror in months. You know why? Because mirrors aren’t found in nature.”

This post on Instagram today indicates that lumbersexuals have indeed arrived in Maine.


@Peakbrewing put this up: “I think this photo deserves a #captioncontest What do you think our #brewer, #founder, #owner and resident #lumbersexual Jon Cadoux has got to say today?”

To me Cadoux doesn’t look grubby enough. His hair is too styled and his shirt too white. On the other hand, he’s enjoying a brew outdoors in a down vest. He is lumbering towards the trend.

Blog Eat Drink Maine picked up on the legions of lumbersexuals striding the streets of Portland. In a recent post, the Port City’s Katalyst clothing was mentioned as the preferred purveyor of timber-trendy accoutrements.

Metrosexuals were first spotted in Manhattan in the early ’00s, lumbersexuals are being associated with Portland, Oregon.

But we know the truth. Bangor birthed Paul Bunyan, the lumbersexual’s patron saint.


Look at him. Who can be more lumbersexual than the bushy-bearded, ax-wielding, plaid-shirt-wearing, hulking, 31-foot tall Bunyan statue in Bangor?

Now give him a barrel of beer.



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