Portland beats out Boston as coziest city in the U.S.


Pomegranate Inn in Portland’s West End

Is coziness a science?

According to Honeywell Heaters, the factors that make a city warm and snug — cafes, flower shops and general ambiance — can be tracked. And Portland leads the pack.

Elle Decor jumped on the news this week pointing out that Boston was no. 1 last year. But in 2015 the stars are aligning for Maine’s largest. Who needs an Olympic bid when the accolades keep rolling in?

The criteria for America’s coziest (compiled by scientists at Environmental Health and Engineering) include restaurants, coffee shops, museums, florists, breweries, and bed-and-breakfasts. Check, check, check!

“Last year, Boston took the first spot on the list, but this year was knocked out by Portland, Maine,” said Ted Myatt, a scientist at Environmental Health & Engineering in a press release. “This year we’ve re-evaluated the definition of coziness and have widened our criteria and search.”

Beyond eateries and cafes “which contribute to ambiance, we also looked at other elements that make a city more accessible and comfortable.”

Not sure I’d call the PMA cozy, or the tasting room at Ship Yard, but what the heck? It’s the first list of the new year and locals are celebrating Portland’s hard-to-beat status. @CityPortland tweeted:

Is a little old-fashioned, Yankee-inspired rivalry brewing? Also worth noting is that the two Portlands bookend the list. Of course THE OTHER PORTLAND is number 10, not numero uno. Better luck next year PDX.

1. Portland, ME

2. Santa Barbara, CA

3. Asheville, NC

4. Boston, MA

5. Santa Rosa, CA

 6. Providence, RI

7. Charleston, SC

8. Madison, WI

9. Durham, NC

10. Portland, OR

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