Fight cabin fever. Free skate, beer yoga, and lattes

Another storm is coming Thursday. Most of us are not dug out yet from the last one. Does this one have a name? Can you still fit into your jeans? Have you actually washed your hair since the first one? Just like stress and weight gain, Cabin Fever can be managed in Maine. Here are a few very simple tips to help you cope.

1. Do yoga. Follow with beer and we have a solution. It must be brewasana night at the Banded Horn. Tonight (Tuesday Feb. 3) the Biddeford brewery welcomes yoginis and beer lovers alike for this happening hybrid. Starts at 6 p.m. Bring your mat. Tonight is 80s night. $13.


2. Get outside. Don’t have equipment? The Portland Gear Hub to the rescue. We visited this volunteer space in the basement of the YMCA on Sunday and scored two pairs of skates, snow pants and snowshoes for $41. Try doing that at L.L. Bean or EMS. Plus the people here are kind and encourage you to try new things. Score!

3. Skate it out. Public skating is now front and center in downtown Kennbunk. The new Waterhouse Center is open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. This covered ice pavilion could have been a soul-less development, but the town saved it. Sharpen your blades and get to 51 Main Street before the next whiteout. Free. Other nice rinks are Mill Creek in South Portland and the town green in Brunswick.


4. A whole latte love. Winter is also a good time to support your local barista. Plus an expertly pulled, steamed and frothed coffee drink is as good a reason as any to shovel out your ride. My new favorite Portland fix is Omis Coffee Shop. It’s tucked away in the snowbank-filled West End. Just follow the aroma.








5. Think spring! How are you getting by? Help me add to my list.


Kathleen Pierce

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