The sexiest chef alive comes to Camden


He was on the “Real Housewives of New York,” Top Chef and even tagged as one of People Magazine’s sexiest men alive. So what is Sam Talbot like in person? Surprisingly without pretense. “Cook nice,” is his tagline. And at the World Trade Center in Boston on Saturday, that he did with flair to spare.

The new head of the Pig and Poet, which opens in May in the transformed Whitehall Inn in Camden, bopped on stage at the Boston Wine Expo and like a shot of super premium grand cru awoke the winter weary crowd. Fresh with tales from Brooklyn, the lanky chef (a cross between a lumber and metrosexual, he needed more plaid) rocked a collard green salad and transfixed the Maine Stage, which suddenly swelled with Instagram snappers. His macadamia nut meatballs however were the star of the demo. What wine was paired with this tasty threefer? The crowd didn’t seem to care. All eyes were on the high energy, Big City chef.

Chef Sam Talbot on Stage, Boston Expo 2.14.15-2 IMG_1045

A diabetic who cooks with bee pollen, which he calls “honey on steroids,” Talbot was so eager to share, he leapt from the stage to gives us a taste of his secret weapon. It was earthy and tart. A nice change from the white stuff.

Talbot uses other sugar workarounds to create healthy and haute cuisine. His book  “The Sweet Life” details the surfer-turned-toque’s rich life sans sugar. Look for his next book “100 Percent Real,” soon.

The owners of the Lark Hotels, who hired Talbot for the Pig and Poet seemed tickled by his reach Saturday. People of all ages flocked to his side, buoyed by his confident, youthful vibe. Forget the KXL, the Brooklyn to Maine pipeline is as strong as ever.


Talbot signs books post demo on Saturday in Boston

Even though he wasn’t versed on too many deets about the historic inn (he flubbed its late-1800s origins) he will be making Camden a hipster hop this summer. Those moved by his performance instantly put the Midcoast to the top of their summer travel itinerary.

The owners, backstage, were all smiles about their wunderkind. Table for one please!! Return to Tuesday for a full report from the Maine Stage.





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