Maine chocolatier attempts Guinness record with chocolate lobster


It took 80 hours and a crew of chocolatiers for Haven’s Candies to break the mold. Because bunnies are so passe, the Westbrook chocolatier created a 7 and 1/2 foot-long, 4-foot wide, 418-pound chocolate lobster. A very Maine way to celebrate 100 years in business.

Shelby, as the sweet crustacean is called, is netting scores of gawkers to Westbrook, where he is on display through October at the candy factory. “It was on Good Morning America,” said owner Erin Collins.

Named after former owner Shelby Putnam, the 81 year-old man who bought the business in 1970 and still works here, the lobster is solid and very edible. But will the killer crustacean make history as the World’s Largest Chocolate Sculpture?

Time will tell. In the meantime mini Shelbys are being made at a rapid clip. The immense lobster is attracting photo snapping tourists and curious chocoholics. Because people have become so sweet on him, he will not be cracked and consumed anytime soon. “We were going to break him up and sell the pieces,” said Collins, but Shelby lives at least through November. He’s got a tour to do. The chocolate lobster hits the road this fall, making appearances at Harvest on the Harbor and other Maine events.

Are there selfies in his future? Let’s hope he doesn’t melt in the glare of celebrity.

Kathleen Pierce

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