Oprah debuts new online store with Maine lobster


Hancock Gourmet Lobster Rolls

Up your game Amazon. There’s a new online shopping destination that’s Oprah approved.

The O store, launched by the Oprah Winfrey Network last week, provides online access to the top picks in luxury goods and services across the country. Curated by the lifestyle queen herself, the food section is sweet on Topsham’s Hancock Gourmet Lobster Company.

“Her creative director is a fan,” said owner Cal Hancock on the phone Tuesday. “This is an honor.”

But not an unexpected one. Selections from O magazine’s The O List make up the e-commerce site. And in its 15 year history, the specialty food company has long been one of Oprah’s favorite things.

These ready-to-heat or assemble delicacies featuring Maine’s famed crustacean first made the O List in 2008. After Downeast lobster rolls rocketed to fame, Hancock’s lobster mac & cheese graced the magazine in 2012. Next came lobster gazpacho two years later. (Hungry yet?) Mini lobster sliders are this year’s darling. Now all four top-sellers are available in the O Store with the click of a mouse. Want a side of Swarovski perfume with that? You are in the right place. 

With 40 percent of Hancock’s sales generated online, she expects to see an uptick soon. Sold along side steam grills and online sessions with media moguls like Arianna Huffington, inclusion in the O Store is akin to a key spot in the grocery aisle. “They love our products, it’s fun.”

Has Oprah herself enjoyed a Maine-made lobster roll? “I am going to say yes,” said Hancock. And who are we to dicker?


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