Monthly Archives: February 2016

Which Maine lager is among the best in the U.S.?

According to Food & Wine it’s Bunker Brewing Co.’s Machine Czech Pilz. The culinary glossy calls the Portland brewer’s flagship a “grassy delight, proving that with dedication, great pilsners are within any brewer’s reach.” The shoutout was celebrated at the five-year-old East Bayside craft house where the popular lager recently made it into cans. “We […]

Portland artists raise money for Sanders with anti-Trump shirts

Though president-hopeful Bernie Sanders opposes super PACS, a super pack of local artists took another route to raise cash for the Democratic candidate this winter. Disillusioned by Donald Trump “spewing words of hate and division,” three self-employed Portland artists created a silk screen image of Trump wearing a cap that, instead of saying “Make America […]