Which Maine lager is among the best in the U.S.?


According to Food & Wine it’s Bunker Brewing Co.’s Machine Czech Pilz. The culinary glossy calls the Portland brewer’s flagship a “grassy delight, proving that with dedication, great pilsners are within any brewer’s reach.” The shoutout was celebrated at the five-year-old East Bayside craft house where the popular lager recently made it into cans.

“We are super psyched,” said brewer/co-owner Chresten Sorensen, to be included in the state-by-state roundup of the best makers of this age-old style that’s quietly coming back. “The line about dedication to the craft of making lagers is really on point. It always nice to be recognized for putting in the time to make these really delicate, clean beers that take more effort and time.”


This “biscuity German malt meets boatloads of grassy Saaz hops,” was dubbed amazing by Food & Wine. While “it’s always cool to see an upstart brewery making amazing lagers,” established in 2011, Bunker is practically a grandaddy amid Maine’s crowded craft class. At last count the Pine Tree State boasts 70 breweries and counting.

Bunker has done so well it’s expanding operations to Portland’s Libbytown soon. (Stay tuned). And because lagers are not the only trick up Chresten’s sleeve, on Friday Bunker debuts a collaborative IPA with Bangor’s Geaghan Bros. Brewing at Salvage BBQ in Portland. The Forest Queen is described as a “frosty, piney, dark” delight. See you at the taps. Cheers!



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