Scratch Baking Co. announces expansion plans


The South Portland bakery known for the tastiest bagels in the 207 area code, is stepping up its game. To meet demand for their morning miracle, the owners of the Willard Square bakehouse announced Friday they are taking over an old Getty station down the road on Broadway to increase production.

Moving bagel and bread operations out of their tight space “will give us the capacity for what folks have long been asking for…..more bagels!!!!!” they stated on Facebook.

Scratch’s chewy, crackly sourdough discs are so hot they have their own manifesto, which includes order limits. Restrictions should change with the expansion.

And that is far from all, carb lovers. Owners Bob Johnson, Sonja Swanberg and bagel mastermind Allison Reid are turning the garage into a toast and bagel bar.


“Nothing is going to change on the square except for a bit more breathing space for the pastry team,” the owners declared. “There are many, many details to work through and a lot of work to bring the Getty back to life, but we can’t wait to get started!!”

As soon as this rumor was confirmed, a new one swirled. Will Brunswick-based Gelato Fiasco take over the bagel bar at night? Here’s hoping.

We can’t think of a better use for a filling station. Scratch joins OTTO down the road with its gas-to-gourmet rehab and Tandem Coffee Roasters’ Congress Street bakery/cafe in a former Portland auto body shop.

Now there is more bread to love and less reason to hightail it to Montreal for authentic bagels. I think a few hundred SoPoians just become a little less gluten free.


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