Mobile coffee takes off in Maine

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Attention coffee lovers on the run, this is your summer! Not one, but three new mobile coffee shops will soon be revving up and down the coast and around Portland leaving fresh joe in their wake. These are no corporate outfits, quite the contrary. They feature small roasters that even the most devoted espresso-haulic may have never quaffed.

Meet Makers’s Mug, Sugarbird Coffee and The Maine Coffee Bar. Catch them if you can.

This guy above is Jacob Perry and his father in law is owner of Crossroads Coffee in Gray. That’s the mud on brew at Maker’s Mug, in this cart about the same size as a smelt shack (but we trust smells way better). Perry started pouring pour-overs outside the Thompson Point maker’s space Open Bench Project this week. “My main focus is just coffee, no cappuccino. Just drip and pour over.” And at decent prices. The menu may expand, but for now it’s served without frou frou.


Like cold brew? The Maine Coffee Bar will be coming to you. This mobile stand made of pine, features multiple taps from roaster like Shipwreck Coffee Company of Farmingdale and Moses Dyer Coffee from Freeport. It’s collapsible and owners Mykyla Hall of Camden and Lauren Beveridge of Lincolnville will tote it around from event to event.

Much like beer taps at a pub, The Maine Coffee Bar features a rotating list of cold coffee from across the state. “It gives you a chance to try coffee from the little guy, which supports us, and in turn supports that local coffee roaster,” says Beveridge. “It’s very cyclical.”

And crucial to keep artisan cups overflowing. They will be up and running by July. Cold brew, a call away. Beats pizza.


Another mobile coffee vendor The Sugarbird Coffee Truck is a standard vehicle serving UnRest, the Blue Hill roaster that made “mushrooms in your coffee” a morning must. This teal truck kicked into gear this week with fire-roasted, organic java seven days a week. Look for them on Commercial Street. Filler up!


While not brand new, there’s another cafe on wheels laying it down and her name is Flo. The Gorham Grind’s Grumman carries precious cargo like the cafe’s potent Rocket Fuel, espresso and drip coffee from Portland’s Coffee By Design. Connect with Flo at the Westbrook Farmer’s Market, Swallowtail Apothecary Crofter’s Market, Portland Flea for All and the coolest events across the state. Fasten your seat belts jitterbugs, we are in for a caffeinated summer!



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