South Portland’s new brewpub opens in late June


It’s getting busy on Maine’s beer trail. By the end of June, South Portland’s long-waited Foulmouthed Brewing will open its industrial chic doors in swinging Knightville.

The brewpub, run by husband and wife team Craig and Julia Dilger, kicks off with coconut cream stout, green tea and honey saison, a top chef and mixologist to boot.

“Everything is turning out better than I could have imagined. I look forward to sharing big, affordable mugs of clean German-style brews with the neighbors,” said homebrewer Craig Dilger in a release Friday.

The couple purchased the low-slung bunker at the corner of Ocean and A streets last year and turned it into a 48-seat restaurant loaded with on-trend design elements like subway tiles, pendant lighting and pine ceilings. They say garages are creative warrens, in South Portland the auto repair shops have it (see OTTO up the street).

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An electrician works on interior touches last week

A “chef from the peninsula’s award-winning scene,” will turn out mod, comfort food. Those details, like a barrel-aged stout, will be released gradually.

“We have purposefully flown somewhat under the radar,” said Dilger, who is in the works with Portland’s brew buses and water taxis to zip people over from the Old Port. Not too shabby!

So, what’s up with the name?

In the 17th century, the entire region was Falmouth, and seafaring locals dubbed it Foulmouth. “The name also alludes to the salty language overheard on the docks and shipyards throughout So Portland’s seafaring history,” says Julia Dilger.

We’ll drink to that, Argh!



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