The best chicken sandwich in America is in Portland


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Fried chicken skin on a bun with fruit hardly sounds like food supremacy. But the chef at Portland’s Liquid Riot Bottling Company is laughing his way to the top of the latest culinary index with these inventive chicken sliders, named best in America.

Crispy skins and fresh oranges topped with Sour Trouble brown ale jam propelled Restaurant Hospitality, a food service industry site, to proclaim this sammie a winner. The site called out chef Nick Krunkkala’s ability “to create something that was inexpensive and packed with a ton of flavor.”

These diverse elements sandwiched between a homemade pretzel bun may be the tastiest bar bite this side of The Rockies.

“Why more chefs don’t utilize chicken skin the way Krunkkala does here is beyond us,” judges decried. “What a crazy-cool idea. To offset the richness of the fried skins, he reduces fresh oranges in their own juices and a splash of slightly sour beer. The result is a not-to-sweet marmalade that provides a perfect counterpoint to the powerfully flavored skins. Yum!”

This brewery/distillery/resto bar outdid tough, BiG City entries like the Chick n’ Shack by Shake Shack, the Korean Fried Chicken by Red Star Sandwich Shop in Brooklyn and the Honey Chicken & Pickles sandwich by Jacob’s Pickles in NYC. All runners up!

“It’s really savory and sweet and salty bar food,” said Liquid Riot’s PR rep Jim Britt of the nifty $11 trio. “It’s a delicious, creative use of a different ingredients.”

And a nice change up from the lobster roll. Enjoy with a cold, crisp sour ale on the back waterfront deck for a mid-summer daydream., 250 Commercial St., Portland.



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