Monthly Archives: July 2016

After launch, Scales chef exits for smaller venue

Exit stage left. The instrumental chef who launched Scales’ creative menu, adding an edge to New England traditional fare, fries his last squid tonight. To fill Mike Smith’s place in this stunning waterfront restaurant, two chefs step up: Frederic Eliot and Travis Olson. Smith leaves the top post at Scales in Portland after a four month stint. […]

The upside of Brooklyn

When did Brooklyn bashing become a thing? It’s no secret that the Brooklyn-to-Portland pipeline is robust. Nowhere is this more manifest than on Portland’s diverse and teeming food scene. A recent screed posing as a restaurant review in an alt-weekly denigrated the influx of immigrants From Away, specifying Brooklynites particularly as “unwelcome” cultural interlopers. The target: Drifters Wife. […]