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The cat’s out of the bag. The New York Time’s Travel section shines a light on Maine’s largest city this week, spending 36 jam-packed hours searching for fun from prom to prom.

So what can you do in a day and a half in Portland?

Eat Holy Donuts, visit the Portland Observatory, down some elegant Greek food at Emilitsa and kick back with a turmeric kombucha growler at Urban Farm Fermentory.

The piece goes old school at Becky’s Diner, and new school at Honey Paw. Buttermilk pancakes and smoked lamb khao soi receive some ink.

To prove there are some “artful doings” afoot, the article goes deep on the Portland Museum of Art and gives the scrappier Space a shout out. The subhead calling Portland’s art scene “thriving” clashes with recent news about galleries closing left and right.

But that’s nothing a stiff one at Vena’s Fizz House can’t cure. Chase this news down with a bowl of “Chex mix spritzed with a mist of pine bitters,” which impressed the scribe.

One glaring omission on this excursions: COFFEE.

Zero mention of Portland’s superlative cafes leaves me listless. I guess it’s possible to live 36 hours without a caffeine jolt, but I wouldn’t want to. Especially when pounding the pavement.

A coconut iced coffee at Omi’s in the West End, a refreshing malted at Tandem, a creamy nitro at Bard, or anything from Speckled Ax has to be squeezed into any Portland itinerary. The writer must’ve been a tea drinker.

What would you add to this list?






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