Moose comes ashore on Kennebunkport beach

How hot was it yesterday? Hot enough for a moose to plunge into the Atlantic at Goose Rocks Beach in Kennebunkport and frolic in the waves. Bar manager Ben Lohnes at The Tides Beach Club was inside the swank resort when a tall, furry swimmer with antlers appeared on the beach around 6:15 p.m.

“He or she was taking its time, swimming from Timber Island. People started rubbernecking,” said Lohnes, who received this footage from a customer.  

“He came up to the shore, kids were chasing and running after him. People were excited,” said Lohnes, adding that the jaunty creature hung around the beach for a good 20 minutes. “I was amazed that he wasn’t bothered at all.”

Sightings of Maine’s favorite state icon are rare in crowded Southern Maine. He must’ve heard this upscale beach bar serves tasty moose-tini. Or was he looking for a moose-jito?

Though it happened yesterday, people continued to flock to the pristine beach, now dubbed Moose Rocks, on Thursday in vein. “The response on Facebook has been crazy. It’s been shared almost 100 times,” said general manager Justin Grimes.

Meanwhile, Lohnes is muddling up a Moose Rocks Beach beverage in case he comes back for another round.

Kathleen Pierce

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