Were you at Luke’s Diner in Portland?

They came from New Hampshire, they came from Augusta, they came to live like a Gilmore Girl, if just for one morning. The line at Coffee By Design on Diamond Street snaked around the block at 5:30 a.m. Wednesday as hordes of coworkers, moms, couples, friends and infants assembled for free coffee and the thrill of sipping from a Luke’s Diner cup a la Rory and Lorelai,

The cafe had dispensed all 750 signature cups in less than three hours and the line was still out the door at 12 noon. The coveted sleeves with the show’s cherry logo were hunted by those who “wanted one for my daughter in New Jersey.” Some said sure, others were thinking of charging whatever the fanbase would bare.

The successful Netflix promo, spread county wide (sorry Granite State) was to boost the show’s revival next month. The signs, cups with coffee quotes, hats and aprons worn by CBD baristas did the trick. Or was it the endless cups of caffeine?

“Netflix did an amazing job promoting this,” said PR rep. Carrie Riley of nearby Garrand Partners, posing for photo with co-workers. “I am very impressed.”






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