A local doughnut company is moving into a former Tim Hortons

Holy yes

A former Tim Hortons on Route 1 in Scarborough will soon become The Holy Donut. The Portland-based potato doughnut empire, known for 20 creative flavors, opens its third and largest location here in March.

“I think it’s symbolic that where a corporate business did not work out, a small, family run business is opening,” said owner Leigh Kellis, who signed a lease Monday on the vacant building at the Haigis Parkway crossroads. “I’m pretty psyched about it.”

The roomy 3,000-square-foot space, which includes a drive-through, will be the company’s central location for dough and glaze production. Doughnuts will still be cooked fresh at Kelli’s Park Avenue and Exchange Street locations daily. The move allows the company to expand production and reach more customers south of Portland. Kellis predicts she can easily ramp up from 30,000 doughnuts a week to 45,000 to 50,000 in the move.

donut wall

“We’ve outgrown our Park Ave. space, where we make everything. It’s so cramped right now. It’s 24 hours a day of making dough and glaze. It’s hectic and crowded,” said Kellis.

The new shop at 398 US Route 1 will streamline production and provide more visibility for the hand-made maple bacon and dark chocolate sea salt disks of love. Kellis is planning “radical changes” for the staid interior and exterior. “It will be in keeping with culture of our other shops. It will not look or feel like a Tim Hortons.”

She plans to hire 10 or 15 employees, and serve espresso drinks, including lattes in the drive through, featuring Coffee By Design. This will turn this busy route (with fast access to Interstate 95) into a much tastier nexus.

In the past few years, restaurants such as El Rayo Taqueria and the just-opened O’Reily’s Cure have staked ground in business-friendly Scarborough. Now Kellis, who moves her family here this week, is part of the southward ho.

“El Rayo is very inspiriting. A Portland business doing well right there. Scarborough is only going to get more attractive. It is good timing.”

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