Media around the world are going nuts over Portland’s Adulting School

They’ve been mentioned in The Guardian, New York Magazine, went on the radio in Amsterdam, have been interviewed by a Chilean newspaper and talked to the BBC.

And last week, The Adulting School’s co-founder Rachel Weinstein appeared on a Fox and Friends segment called “The Wussification of America,” to explain why the therapist launched a school to teach Millennials life skills many have missed.

How has she been handling the media barrage? Like an adult.

“Responsibly and imperfectly with a sense of humor,” said Weinstein on the phone Monday.

Awareness in their concept gained steam in the last two weeks as Weinstein and partner Katie Brunelle (who appeared on Fox Monday), rapidly field invites from hosts and journalists. Even if some of the coverage has been “shut up you’re grownups. Deal with it. You should know how to do it, stop whining,” said Weinstein, “there are a lot of complicated and complex reasons why adulting is a word now.”

The Portland-based “school,” does not have a physical address and there are no plans for one. It is accepting members for a platform that launches in the new year. Right now 4,000 people have signed up for its newsletter. And the media keeps calling.

“We are happy to talk to anyone about it. We are coming from a place to help people. If they feel skeptical or critical that’s one interpretation,” said Weinstein. “We have struck a chord.”

Kathleen Pierce

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