Here’s the lineup for Portland’s newest music festival

Sunaana Team

Organizers of Sunaana in Brick South

What are you doing on March 4? Rocking out with local and Icelandic bands, sipping craft brew inside Portland’s new warehouse-turned-event-space Brick South for Sunaana. Right?

We told you about this cool Thompson’s Point event back in November. Now tickets are on sale, bands have been announced and the beer lineup is hard to beat.

This “eclectic array of emerging musicians from Maine, Iceland, and beyond,” includes names local music fans know well. Dave Gutter, frontman of Rustic Overtones, performs with Armies, a side project with local singer Anna Lombard. The plaintive sound of Hannah Daman and The Martelle Sisters sets the tone for this late-winter soundtrack heightened by the freewheeling spirit of Town Meeting with the Maine Youth Rock Orchestra.

Mammut from Iceland and singer Rozes from Philadelphia adds edge to this roster of emerging talent from here and there.

Similar to the popular Iceland festival Airwaves, Sunaana’s organizers are trying to push the notion of a festival off its comfortable pedestal. The Old Port Fest this is not. Sunaana (which means “what is it?”) seeks to bridge local culture with cities like Reykjavik, to create international elan.

Amid the live music, more than a dozen Maine breweries like Bissell Brothers, Barreled Souls, Gneiss and Mast Landing, join a bevy of out-of-state suds makers. Trillium from Massachusetts, Good Measure from Vermont and Virginia’s The Veil pour out pints all day.

“The city of Portland and state of Maine have been incredible places for us to refine our craft beer with such support and collaboration,” said Pete Bissell, co-founder of Bissell Brothers Brewery in a press release. “Sunaana is an overflow of that spirit. It embraces the fun and culture that inspire us every day.”

The inaugural event held at Thompson’s Point goes from 1 p.m. to midnight on March 4. Tickets are $45 for generation admission.


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