Easter Peeps get dressed up like Trump protesters and even Jesus Christ

Photo by Jenny Siler

All they are saying is give Peeps a chance.

A cafe in Portland is holding its fourth annual Peep Show on Saturday. Based on the Washington Post’s Peep diorama contest, which puts the day-glow, Easter-themed marshmallow treats in ironic, humorous and even dramatic situations, the Deering cafe Black Cat Coffee hopes to elicit laughter and unleash creativity.

“The basic idea is people build dioramas featuring the Peeps. They are cute and funny. There are no rules except entries must fit through the door,” said cafe co-owner Jenny Siler.

So far a dozen entries, such as “Harry Peeper,” “Mt. Peepmore,” “Peep, B, & J Sandwich,” “War and Peeps,” and “The Peeps of Penzance,” have been submitted.

Last year Black Cat regular Frank Gallagher made an irreverent movie called “The Passion of the Peep” that uses the sugary treat to depict the crucifixion of Christ. Rumor is he’s working on a sequel.

The dioramas are displayed at the cafe leading up to Saturday’s Peep Show.

“We will give out prizes, admire the peeps, and eat Peep-themed food,” said Siler, a quirky ice cream maker who made a Jello swimming pool full of Peeps last year. This year?

“I am thinking about an ice cream ski hill. It is incredibly chaotic and lots of fun,” she said.

Dioramas are due Thursday, April 6 and the public is invited to vote for the “Peeples’ Choice Award” starting Friday. On Saturday a panel of celebrity judges will select more winners in each category and prizes will be awarded. 

My the best and brightest Peep win.

Black Cat Cafe, 463 Stevens Ave., Portland. Peep Show is Saturday from 2 to 3 p.m.

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