Portland named top search by Bostonians looking to buy outside Massachusetts


Portland Head Light

It was bound to happen. Both cities have award-winning oyster bars, cobblestone streets, vintage buildings and Parker House rolls. So when Bostonians look for homes outside the Bay State, their top search? You guessed it: Portland, Maine.

According to a recent migration report by real estate site Redfin, Portland was the top search by Bostonians looking to purchase a home outside the Commonwealth. Of the 8.4 percent of restless Bostonians looking to move, the biggest contingent has their sights set on Forest City.

This explains the glut of Massachusetts license plates zipping up and down Route 1 and crowding your rearview mirror; the Boston-like real estate prices on Munjoy Hill; the new condos popping up like crocuses off India Street. And the aggressive parking tickets that appear on your windshield a la Harvard Square.

Take heart Portlanders, at least New Yorkers are not looking to move here. Priced out Manhattanites have their sights set on Philadelphia (23.3 percent). Even itchy Washington D.C. residents want to relocate to the City of Brotherly Love, according to the study.

What about Portland, Oregon, where there are more breweries and coffee shops per city block than Maine’s largest? Didn’t make the list. Too far from Beantown we suspect.

Does this mean Saco will become Saugus? SoPo, Revere? Freeport the new Burlington? Stay tuned.



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