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The upside of Brooklyn

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When did Brooklyn bashing become a thing? It’s no secret that the Brooklyn-to-Portland pipeline is robust. Nowhere is this more manifest than on Portland’s diverse and teeming food scene. A recent screed posing as a restaurant review in an alt-weekly denigrated the influx of immigrants From Away, specifying Brooklynites particularly as “unwelcome” cultural interlopers. The target: Drifters Wife. […]

Flea-for-All announces Arts District relocation

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A primo supplier to sharp-eye shoppers, Portland Flea-for-All is enhancing its footprint with a new location and expanded space on Congress Street. In a few weeks the antique mart, a treasure ground for eclectic nesters, will close in Bayside and move into a 10,000-square-foot first floor space, formerly Paul’s Food Center. “This transition downtown is a […]