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Portland artists raise money for Sanders with anti-Trump shirts


Though president-hopeful Bernie Sanders opposes super PACS, a super pack of local artists took another route to raise cash for the Democratic candidate this winter. Disillusioned by Donald Trump “spewing words of hate and division,” three self-employed Portland artists created a silk screen image of Trump wearing a cap that, instead of saying “Make America […]

Thought leaders converge at Sunday River for food summit


Like Davos, where wealthy world beaters convene to determine global agendas for the coming year, Sunday River’s inaugural Chef Summit brings together restaurateurs, food producers, distributors and farmers from across Maine and beyond to lay out new tracks for growth. This weekend’s agenda includes creating year-round demand for foodie tourism, increasing demand for new markets, brand […]

Six Maine companies receive Good Food Awards

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Which Maine companies are creating “vibrant, delicious, sustainable local food economies”? According to the Good Food Awards announced Friday night in San Francisco: Rising Tide, Black Dinah, Bixby & Co., Turtle Rock Farm, Gold Star Honeybees and Posto Bello Apiaries we salute you! In a pool of 1,927 entrants, these artisans rose to the top. “We are so proud […]

The best sandwich in Portland: Why you should give a cluck

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  Lobster rolls have their place. And burgers are hard to dispute. But it’s a new year and new food season in Maine’s tastiest city. Along Portland’s growing gustatory ghetto, Washington Ave., the crispy chicken sandwich at months-old Roustabout rules the roost. Available at lunch or brunch, it’s a two-handed brioche-wrapped challenge. Arriving, as all signature […]

From Yeast Bayside to Thompson’s Point: Portland breweries rock the new year


If breweries were bands, Lone Pine is The Kings of Leon. An alternative that “starts underground, experiences organic growth while maintaining its artistic integrity,” said John Paul. In one month (give or take a few setlist changes) Paul and partner Tom Madden are set to rock Portland’s brewstream. The friends, who grew up in Saco, and had […]