Mocktails no more. Portland soda bar adds booze


Steve Corman mocking it up

By late January, the corner of Fore and Silver streets will no longer be a teetotaler’s paradise. The virgin chocolate phosphates and fiery punches at Vena’s Fizz House, a mixology shop/soda bar that opened a year and a half ago in the Old Port, will be laced with the hard stuff.

“Since day one people have asked us to add alcohol to our drinks,” said Steven Corman, who runs the fizz biz with his wife Johanna.

Come the end of the month they can finally oblige.

The Cormans received approval for a liquor license at Monday night’s City Council meeting, paving the way for the change. You can still sip mocktails in the swank, elevated bar, said Corman, but “we will use our bases that folks have absolutely been loving and add spirits.” For those who are so inclined. 


Chocolate phosphate with bitters

Not just any fizz will fly in this house. Maine distilleries and local bitters are emphasized. “Instead of 10 vodkas, we will have two,” said Steve, adding that mezcal and tequila will hail from Mexico.

What will the ghost pepper-infused maple syrup, apple cider syrup, seltzer, maple bitters and fire and damnation bitters drink (Maine fire) be laced with? That is for you to find out.


Maine fire

In keeping with city code, Vena’s will draft a menu to allow the booze flowing. No word on what this crafty pair has cooking, but judging from their bar creations, the grub will be more than an afterthought.   

Vena’s Fizz House, 345 Fore St., Portland. Well drinks will be served from 6 to 11 p.m. Cheers!

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