Winter food and drink deals keep coming in!



Brewed with beechwood smoked malt from Germany, chocolate malt, hersbrucker hops, and lager yeast. Hello Eldir.

The blizzard of the century has passed, but lucky for us more white stuff is in the forecast. Lucky? That’s right. Snow deals are coming in fast and furiously. Banded Horn Brewing Co. in Biddeford is offering $10 growlers of Eldir anytime the temperature dips below 20 degrees this winter. Check your smartphones, that’s right now in York County.

“Eldir is one of our winter seasonals made with 100% percent smoked malts,” said Banded’s brand manager Michael “Biggie” Delaney. “So it only seems right.”

Parking ban be damned. El Rayo in Portland rolls out $5 burritos of any and all varieties when parking is nixed on city streets. Note: Mondays are dollar oysters all winter. Bonus!

Bramhall or bust. Snowstorm whiskey sounds like double trouble. But when top-shelf booze becomes attainable for the working man, a toast is in order.


Whenever it snows this winter (coming Friday!) the Congress Street speakeasy lowers the price of high-end pours such as Sazerac 18 from $80 to $24 a glass. Only three bottles of this Kentucky spirit came into the state and Bramhall is offering theirs to riders on the storm for a pittance.

Other whiskeys such as Old Forester Birthday are $16 and William Larue Weller – $22 a pour. As co-owner Guy Streitburger says “if there is snow falling on the ground; you’ve trudged through the snow; your boots are still wet, you get to have a really good drink.” We knew there was something we liked about this man.

This list will be updated as more specials come in. What did we miss?

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