Do doughnuts in the snow. Chicken and waffles, eggs and ham


Little BIGS uses a non-glazed donut as bread in their new winter breakfast sandwich

Just when doughnuts seemed like they were going the way of the cupcake, a pair of crafty Maine bakers are giving the doughy discs a new lease on life. At Little BIGS in South Portland the egg sandwich on a doughnut is turning heads and at Sugarloaf this season the chicken ‘n’ waffle doughnut by Urban Sugar Mobile Cafe is making shushers smile. Savory over sweet is the name of the game.

“Our doughnuts have always been more closely related to bread. Because we use a starter and really develop the gluten structure it seemed like a logical thing to use for an egg sandwich,” said Jim Plunkett of Little BIGS. “It is OUTSTANDING!”

If they don’t say so themselves.

A glaze-less doughnut stuffed with North Country or black forest ham, sharp Cabot cheddar and eggs is a fine way to get through this winter. Sweet Asian, bbq pork, curried chicken and broccoli and beef burgundy doughnuts are next. There is nothing little about this development. Go get’ em BIGS.


Chicken waffle donut

Make tracks to Sugarloaf this winter to try the first (unconfirmed at deadline) chicken doughnut in Maine. Urban Sugar Cafe’s new Chicken and Waffles snack is a real alpine lift. Grab a few for the chairlift for optimal pleasure.

“I have a honey Sriracha glaze for the donut. It’s topped with a crispy chicken skin and finished with a Maine maple drizzle,” says owner Kevin Sandes, who created this masterpiece. “This is the first of a line up of #chickenskindonuts in Maine.”

Look for the mobile sugar truck at “The Beach” all winter. A pork belly and doughnut poutine is on the way. No fear, no calories here. As they say up north, you can always ski it off!

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